January 25, 2021

Transitional Housing in Oklahoma

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The greatest support for recovery comes for like-minded individuals who also have been through addiction struggles of their own. For many this support is found in transitional housing programs which provide a sense of community for those who are trying to find their way past addiction and into a life of sobriety. Oklahoma transitional housing programs aim at providing essential support and housing to the men and women in recovery who require further assistance before they live fully independent.

Transitional housing programs provide many of the same services that you find in a residential treatment facility, but the limitations are more flexible allowing residents to regain self-sufficiency and control of their lives. You can expect the following potential benefits from Oklahoma transitional housing programs:

Transitional Housing Rules

In Oklahoma, transitional housing programs offer safe, sober living environments to those in need but not without limitations. These programs require residents to adhere to the home rules in order to maintain the safe environment and to aid in the prevention of relapse. Some of the rules that are commonly found in a sober facility include:

If you or someone you care about needs help finding a sober house following treatment, call our helpline toll-free. Oklahoma transitional housing provides a stepping stone for recovery that allows you to continue to work towards the common goal of clean, sober living.

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